Medical Providers

Medical Providers

Medical providers accumulate account receivable liens due to litigation’s usually long delayed time frame. EDS contact medical facilities to assign their outstanding account receivables at an agreed, mutually beneficial reimbursement rate. This helps medical facilities free up the labor and costs associated with collecting outstanding debt as well as provide instant cash flow that can be used for other opportunities once the liens have been assigned to EDS.

The biggest benefit for facilities with this partnership is being able to receive guaranteed payment for patients that may be deemed as “bad debt” because they are uninsured or underinsured.

Once the provider assigns the liens to EDS, EDS will take 7 to 10 days to underwrite the viability of the liens. Upon determination, EDS will present an offer to the Medical Provider, and once agreed, EDS will submit payment for the lien(s) assignment. EDS will take financial responsibility for the assigned lien(s) until the case(s) settle(s). Even if the case(s) does not settle, or settle for a much lower amount, EDS will NEVER seek recourse from the Medical Provider.

EDS is interested in a long term relationship with all of its medical facilities, and thus rates are negotiated until the medical facility is satisfied. Rates are based on case by case basis for inpatient surgical procedure bills, and flat or percentage rates for outpatient treatment bills.

Once we begin to recover the liens under EDS, we assure the facility (the original lien holder) will not be affected in regards to its relationship with the attorneys and their clients. We achieve this by our professionalism and care on how we treat each individual involved in the lien. Again, EDS is interested in maintaining a continual relationship with its facilities and will take full-precaution to not damage the facility’s name.

It is understandable that many physicians are reluctant about carrying medical liens for attorneys due to the implications and risks involved that are different for each case. There are several problems for medical providers holding a lien: the long settlement delay in receiving payment for medical services, the risk that the case might fall through and not get paid at all, and even worse, the business relationship tarnished due to these factors.

Through EDS, medical providers can still enjoy the additional business attorneys provide from Personal Injury clients while eliminating all of the risks. Before a patient is referred to the appropriate medical provider, the case is screened and pre-qualified. EDS will pay the medical provider COD within 10 days upon receiving the bills and medical records. Even more, you can re-assign any outstanding medical liens that EDS will factor at best competitive rate possible.

Some other benefits when using EDS are:

  • Increase patient volume as we will refer patients out to you from our attorney network.
  • Reduce operational costs since all administrative work for liens will be handled by EDS.
  • Increase cash flow liquidity and reduce uncertainty of how much the lien will settle for.
  • Reduce your cost for marketing: while you retain your current referral base, EDS will help expand it through our network with no charge.
  • Since EDS assumes the full risk associated with holding aging receivables, if a lien eventually becomes uncollectable, EDS assumes the total loss, minimizing business risk.
  • Establishing a relationship with EDS will further expand the available resources you may need in the future.

EDS is very adamant about having medical providers retain complete control of their practice and not incurring any risk by affiliating with us. Our main objective is to be an added benefit to physicians and medical offices. We are here primarily as a solution to the current problems medical providers face when dealing with attorneys and liens.