Who is E.D.S. Financial Services and how can it help me?

EDS is a case management company that services personal injury claims. For injured clients, EDS can assist you in getting the healthcare services you need after an accident. For Attorneys, we provide support to strengthen your case and marketing your office to our network. For Medical Providers, we eliminate financial responsibility and headache when dealing with patients under lien as well as referring patients to you under our network.

What is the role of E.D.S. when it comes to Medical Liens?

E.D.S. is a servicer of Medical Liens. This include financing liens for patients and coordinate administrative work between doctors and attorneys. This includes contracting and consolidating medical records and status updates.

Are there any fees for your services?

No, there are no co-pays for the patient/client and there are interest charges or service fees for any of the involved parties.

How does E.D.S. Profit from their services if there are no fees charged?

E.D.S. is a medical factoring company, and receives reimbursement at the time of settlement for its factored accounts.

How Does E.D.S. determine how the case is funded?

E.D.S. will evaluate the specifics of the case with the attorney office and see if its services can be utilized by the patient and the attorney. E.D.S. does not make any recommendations on what medical treatments are appropriate for the patient, which is up to the treating physician.

Can E.D.S. fund a patient/client’s current outstanding medical bills?

If a client/patient has incurred a medical bill for services already rendered, E.D.S. will help finance these liens for you by contacting these providers. Please contact us if you have bills from a surgeon, hospital, radiology/imaging center or physical therapy provider that you would like considered for funding.

Does E.D.S. accept a settlement reduction for their medical liens?

One of the advantages of using E.D.S. services is not having to deal with settlement reductions with physicians as this may tarnish business relationships. Although E.D.S. would ideally like to recoup the entire lien since we take the financial risk, we do understand that the reason we have kept most of our clients is by being flexible and accommodating to both the attorney and their client.

How long does it take to receive approval for funding medical services?

The authorization to fund the case can take up to 2 days.

Why are liens important to healthcare providers?

Lien-based medical care is an important new source of additional revenue and reimbursement for many healthcare providers.

Why use E.D.S. when I can handle the paperwork myself?

E.D.S. provides an array of services, not just case processing. By establishing a relationship with us, you are part of a larger network which opens opportunities for marketing your business and referral, and again there is no cost to participate. Attorneys and physicians still have complete control of their tasks, we are here for additional support on both sides.

How will E.D.S. market my business and increase my referrals?

By working together, your office is opened up to a network of attorneys, facilities, and physicians. When you are part of this network, patients/clients are able to find what best fits their needs.