Providing medical treatments to personal injury clients is part of the core operational business of E.D.S. Financial Services. We assist attorneys in locating and securing medical treatments for their clients on a lien basis by financing the treatment and carrying the lien ourselves.

This process makes it more manageable for the attorney because it consolidates all medical treatments under one roof, making it easier to obtain status updates and medical records. Also, if need be, it helps attorneys be more flexible during post-settlement rate reductions when disbursing payments.

EDS monitors each case an attorney refers, making sure the client has a smooth transition from the moment of being scheduled to us receiving the medical report. EDS reviews all medical reports and bills for accuracy and clarity. Since we are contracted with an extensive amount of medical providers and facilities.

Some more benefits when working EDS are:

  • Eliminate the frustration of searching for a physician or healthcare facility to provide service on a lien.
  • We can assist with doctor scheduling, therefore minimizing your staff’s time allocated to scheduling and coordinating your client’s medical care.
  • EDS can also fund liens for medical providers already within the attorney’s network, that way if the case is lost or a large discounted reduction is required, your relationship with your medical providers is not tarnished.
  • Our comprehensive list of healthcare providers enables your client to select a qualified and skilled doctor or facility who will provide their care.
  • Upon request, we will contact your or your client’s existing healthcare providers who are interested in
    having us fund their medical treatments.
  • Attorneys recognize reduced administrative expense and a reliable funding resource for their injured clients.
  • Flexible reduction acceptance to help maintain a long lasting relationship.
  • Marketing Assistance through our referral program.

EDS Financial Services Inc, has been working with attorneys since its inception and highly value our relationships with attorneys. We understand that the attorney-client relationship is the driving force of all law offices and we make sure that both the attorney and their clients are comfortable and satisfied with the services we provide. This is why we have such a strong working relationship with our current clients.