Welcome to EDS Financial

E.D.S. Financial Services Inc, (“EDS”) provides case management services for healthcare providers and personal injury attorneys. These services help facilitate the medical lien process for all parties involved. We assist in funding medical treatments for patients who are injured and need to have their medical services be provided on a lien. For attorneys, EDS will assist in locating medical providers and coordinate any administrative work to help the case move more efficiently. For medical providers, we will accept financial risk by paying you directly at the time of assigning the lien to EDS.

EDS Financial Services is an experienced lawsuit funding firm with over 22 years of experience in the field. We helped thousands of clients and worked with hundreds of legal and medical professionals. Our experience will ensure that you will get you money advance as fast as possible with very little paperwork!

We get paid ONLY if you get paid (winning or settling your case)!

We focus on giving you immediate cash advance for your medical bills and legal expenses, and get paid back from a potential future lawsuit settlement. We do this at no risk to you; since we get paid only if you win the lawsuit or settle your case.

**We are NOT a pre-settlement loan company that charges your office and/or client loan fees and exuberant interest rates. There are no service fees or interest rate charges. EDS makes its profit through the relationships it builds within the network. That is why we are very committed to assist in strengthening the case of the attorneys we work with so it becomes a win-win situation.